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Crypto Latest News: Top 5 Updates Of The Day

Crypto Latest News: Bitcoin ETF Approval: SEC Signals Green Light by January 10, According to FOX

Crypto Latest News: The SEC is reportedly close to approving the first spot Bitcoin ETF by January 10, 2024, a significant step for cryptocurrency acceptance in the U.S. This move, involving major financial players, would provide retail investors with regulated access to Bitcoin. However, the SEC’s requirement for cash-based ETF purchases introduces complexities and limitations.

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US court finalizes mandate for Silk Road’s Bitcoin forfeiture

The U.S. Court of Appeals has sanctioned the confiscation of 69,370 Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies tied to the Silk Road case. This significant resolution implicates Ross Ulbricht and the U.S. government, positioning the U.S. as a major BTC holder, with assets primarily confiscated from cybercriminals and managed by various agencies.

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An Old SBF Favorite Becomes Crypto’s Next Big Thing

The devastating collapse of FTX last year swept up one of the crypto industry’s hottest blockchains: Solana. Hailed for its high speeds and cheap transaction fees. But now, many digital asset investors have pegged Solana as crypto’s comeback kid after tumbling 94% in 2022. Solana’s resurgence is mostly based on risk and speculation. The blockchain has seen some important technical improvements.

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Crypto Gets Crazy Again With Dog-Inspired Tokens and Bitcoin Eyeing $45,000

Bitcoin last traded as high as $45,000 in April 2021. Dogwifhat is latest memecoin to see surging demand from retail. So—called altcoins such as Dogwifhat – yes, a dog pictured wearing a hat — is the hottest thing since, well the last time similar speculative tokens surged during the last bull market more than two years ago.

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Crypto Latest News: Ethereum (ETH) Gas Fees Likely to Go Down After Cancun update, Retik Finance (RETIK) Presale Stage 2 Sold Out, Fusionist (ACE) Pumps 3000% on Binance Listing

Cryptocurrency is witnessing notable developments: Ethereum’s Cancun upgrade aims for enhanced efficiency with lower gas fees, Retik Finance’s presale stages see rapid success, and Fusionist’s (ACE) experiences a significant surge on Binance. These events reflect the dynamic nature of the crypto market, highlighting advancements in technology and growing investor interest.

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