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Crypto: Top 5 Latest Updates

latest Crypto news

Here’s Why Bitcoin (BTC) And Crypto Market Falling Today

The crypto market is declining due to factors like U.S. CPI data and the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting. Investors are cautious, with major cryptos like Bitcoin dipping. Economic indicators and profit booking are influencing the market, while decisions like the Fed’s rate stance and a potential Bitcoin Spot ETF loom large.

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Unveiling Binance Airdrop, Shiba Inu Rally, and $4M GameStop Memes Presale: Your Guide to the Best Crypto Investment

The crypto market buzzes with Binance’s $500,000 Web3 wallet airdrop featuring SHIB. Amidst this, the GameStop Memes (GSM) presale, after raising $4M, offers a promising 1000x ROI. This wave of excitement highlights Binance’s innovation and GSM’s potential in a dynamic market, signaling a revolution in crypto investment opportunities.

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Analyst sees support for Dogecoin at 9 cents

The crypto market is consolidating after recent surges, with Bitcoin’s drop below $42,000 indicating a reset. Dogecoin, retreating from highs above 10 cents, finds support at 9 cents. Analysts predict short-term dips but see this as a key buying zone. The upcoming DOGE-1 Moon mission could boost Dogecoin’s value.

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Binance challenges SEC lawsuit by arguing DoJ settlements not applicable

Binance counters an SEC lawsuit, arguing the points made don’t apply to their specific case. They assert that the SEC hasn’t shown U.S. customers engaged in contracts qualifying as investment contracts under the Howey Test. This legal battle follows accusations of trading unregistered securities, with Binance disputing the SEC’s jurisdiction and interpretation.

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SEC Hasn’t Met Legal Requirements to Sue, Binance Says in Latest Bid to Dismiss Lawsuit

In their latest filing, Binance, Binance.US, and founder Changpeng Zhao assert that the SEC failed to meet the “Howey Test” requirements in its lawsuit. They argue the SEC hasn’t shown that U.S. customers engaged in investment contracts, challenging the agency’s authority. Binance disputes applying securities laws based on prior settlements.

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