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Latest Crypto News : Top 15

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Slips to $42K From Last Week’s Yearly High In the latest crypto news, Bitcoin dropped 3% to $42,400 after reaching $45,000, influenced by strong U.S. economic data and rising dollar value. Despite this, the cryptocurrency outlook remains positive, with expected quick recoveries. Goldman Sachs predicts an earlier Federal Reserve interest rate […]

The Evolution of Crypto Scams: How Fraud Tactics Have Changed Over Time

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, where new fortunes are made overnight, the shadow of scams looms large.  As the crypto industry has exploded in popularity and value, so too has the ingenuity and frequency of scams within this space.  This post delves into the evolution of crypto scams, highlighting how fraud tactics have transformed […]

Top 15 Latest Crypto News Stories: Unmissable Insights from the Digital Currency World!

Aptos to launch crypto wallet in South Korea, more inside SK Telecom is partnering with blockchain firm Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to create a crypto wallet service, marking its first non-Ethereum blockchain integration. Aptos, known for its gaming ventures and quirky association with the term “apartment” in South Korea, has seen significant user interaction and […]

Pepe Coin Shines as the Best-Performing Crypto of the Week

Pepe Coin, a meme-inspired crypto, stunned the market with an 88% surge, emerging as the week’s best performer. Following significant token burns worth $6.76 million and transparent updates, PEPE has attracted investors and bullish predictions, indicating substantial growth. As its popularity rises, the community is cautioned against scammers. The coin’s strategic development promises an exciting, […]

Bitcoin Price Breaks $35K As Excitement Builds For 2024 Bull Run

Bitcoin’s resurging with a 10% gain in 24 hours, surpassing $35,000, reigniting crypto enthusiasm. Expectations of spot ETF approvals and higher trading activity fuel this rally. Hints of BlackRock’s involvement via a “CUSIP” license add intrigue. Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, and Cardano join the upward trend, showcasing market strength. Source: Analytics Insights

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Consolidates Recent Gains, as Traders Anticipate Powell Speech

Bitcoin’s value dipped from a high of $35,000 to $33,278.40, as traders capitalized on gains. It slightly recovered to $34,246.74, yet stayed below its peak. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) decreased from 89.00 to 87.22, indicating a potential shift. Today’s anticipated speech could either boost Bitcoin’s ascent or lead to a further drop. Source: bitcoin.com

JPMorgan’s JPM Coin Facilitates $1 Billion in Daily Transactions as Banking Giant Targets Cross-Border Settlements

Source: AdobeStock / monticellllo JPMorgan Chase’s digital token, JPM Coin, processes $1 billion in daily transactions, mostly in US dollars, on a private blockchain. While significant, this is a fraction of the $10 trillion in daily US dollar transactions managed by the bank. JPMorgan aims to expand its use, including exploring a blockchain-based deposit token […]

Over 1,000 Police Personnel Duped in $240 Million Crypto Scam in India

In India, a crypto scam initially estimated at $24 million has swindled over 250,000 victims, including numerous police officers, out of around $240 million through fake cryptocurrencies Korvio Coin and DGT Coin. Two suspects confessed to a $48 million portion. With surging crypto scams amid regulatory gaps, investigations intensify to address this alarming financial exploitation. […]

PancakeSwap launches asset management feature

PancakeSwap introduced Position Manager, automating asset placement into vaults and liquidity pools, in partnership with Bril Finance. This feature, supporting USDT, BTC, BNB, and ETH, aims to enhance liquidity provision efficiency and profitability. Early adopters will get additional CAKE rewards. PancakeSwap, second in decentralized exchange daily volume, has also integrated Transak for crypto payments. Source: […]

Sam Altman on Embracing Criticism: How Worldcoin Turns Haters into Motivation

In the world of startups and innovation, criticism is often an inevitable companion to any groundbreaking idea. For Worldcoin, and its visionary leader Sam Altman, criticism has not been a hurdle, but rather a catalyst. Altman, with his roots firmly planted in the ambitious terrains of OpenAI and now Worldcoin, has always seen the bigger […]

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