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Top 15 Latest Crypto News Stories: Unmissable Insights from the Digital Currency World!

Aptos to launch crypto wallet in South Korea, more inside

SK Telecom is partnering with blockchain firm Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to create a crypto wallet service, marking its first non-Ethereum blockchain integration. Aptos, known for its gaming ventures and quirky association with the term “apartment” in South Korea, has seen significant user interaction and network usage growth despite a drop in market cap. Amid a bull run, Aptos’ token price surged by 38%.

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Proof Group among three top bidders for FTX relaunch: report

Silicon Valley’s Proof Group is reportedly one of three bidders for the defunct FTX crypto exchange. Proof, already an investor in crypto ventures and a key player in buying bankrupt Celsius, is building a coalition for its bid. Following fraud charges against FTX’s founder, the exchange is exploring a revival after recovering $7.3 billion in assets under a bankruptcy specialist.

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Fiat on-ramps, banking partners crucial for institutional Web3 adoption — European Blockchain Convention

Fiat payment solutions and neobanking are key to bringing cryptocurrency into mainstream use, as discussed at the European Blockchain Convention. Companies like OpenPayd and Ramp Network are creating the necessary infrastructure to connect traditional and digital finance, easing regulatory concerns and enabling easier transactions between fiat and crypto for businesses and high-risk clients.

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Kenyan lawmakers ask local Blockchain Association to come up with crypto bill

The Blockchain Association of Kenya is set to draft the nation’s crypto regulatory framework, potentially making Kenya the pioneer in industry-created crypto legislation. This initiative is part of Kenya’s aim to maintain its position as a leader in the African digital asset space and comes amid recent implementation of a crypto tax and scrutiny of digital ID projects for data harvesting issues.

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Moody’s launches AI tool to predict stablecoin depegging

Moody’s Analytics has introduced an AI tool, the Digital Asset Monitor (DAM), aimed at predicting the risk of stablecoins like Tether and PayPal Coin depegging from their fiat currency. This tool, addressing the issue after stablecoins depegged over 600 times this year, evaluates issuer stability and reserve quality to forecast depegging within a 24-hour timeframe.

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Bitfinex Tackles Phishing Incident: No Customer Funds Affected

Bitfinex has contained a security breach caused by a phishing attack targeting a customer service representative, which led to unauthorized access to old and incomplete user data. The exchange’s core systems remain secure, with no loss of funds. Bitfinex is now contacting affected customers, mainly with inactive accounts, and has informed authorities, reaffirming its commitment to robust cybersecurity measures.

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Crypto Enthusiasts Are Snatching Up These Luxury Timepieces

Cryptocurrency has become a new payment frontier for luxury watches, with brands like Tag Heuer, Hublot, and Breitling embracing digital currencies. Tag Heuer accepts 12 cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, for its sophisticated timepieces. Hublot offers limited editions purchasable with Bitcoin and partners with crypto platforms for seamless transactions. Breitling has innovated with Ethereum-based NFT passports for its watches, ensuring authenticity and ownership.

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Digital Asset Funds Record $261 Million in Inflows, Marking Gains for the Sixth Consecutive Week

Source: Adobe / Luisa

The cryptocurrency market has experienced six weeks of consistent inflows, totaling $767 million—the highest since December 2021—with investors optimistic about a potential spot Bitcoin ETF approval in the U.S. Bitcoin leads with $229 million in inflows, while Ethereum, Chainlink, and Solana also see gains. The U.S. tops investment figures among countries, fueled by anticipation of regulatory clarity from the SEC.

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Indian Police Officers Arrested in $300M Crypto Scam Investigation

Indian police officers have been arrested in connection with a $300 million cryptocurrency scam, revealing the extent of fraud within the crypto sector. These actions reflect a crackdown on crypto-related crimes, emphasizing the need for improved regulations and security to protect investors and reinforce trust in the digital asset industry.

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Crypto traders are earning 165% yields by staking a token named after Elon Musk’s pet

Over $55 million worth of Floki tokens have been staked, representing 18% of its supply, offering up to 120% annual rewards. This meme coin turned DeFi project now rewards holders with a new token tied to real-world asset tokenization—a market expected to grow significantly. Tokenization incentives and high yields aim to boost platform engagement and user rewards.

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SHOCKING: Ethereum Co-Founders Accused of Fraud and Corruption

Former Ethereum advisor Steven Nerayoff has accused co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin of fraud, claiming the misconduct is vastly greater than the FTX scandal. Although evidence is yet to be provided, Nerayoff’s intimate knowledge of Ethereum’s operations lends weight to his allegations, potentially affecting Ethereum’s credibility and highlighting concerns over cryptocurrency regulation and governance.

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Ava Labs Cuts Staff by 12% to Reallocate Resources for ‘Growth’ – Here’s the Latest

Ava Labs, the developer of the Avalanche blockchain, has reduced its workforce by 12%, affecting around 40 employees, mainly from the marketing team. This move, influenced by the current bear market, aligns with the industry trend of layoffs by major firms like OpenSea and Coinbase, as companies adjust to a tighter crypto job market and reduced venture capital funding.

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Bored Ape crypto festival visitors report ‘vision problems’ after event

Attendees of ApeFest, an event by Bored Ape Yacht Club creators Yuga Labs, report “eye burn” from bright UV lights, adding to woes after the NFT collection’s prices plummeted amidst the crypto downturn. The festival, which had over 2,500 guests, has led to several complaints of eye pain and vision issues shared on social media.

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Flash News: OKX Lists FLOW on its Perpetual Market, Enables Margin Trading and Savings for the Token

Crypto exchange OKX has added FLOW, the token behind the fast Flow blockchain and the famed CryptoKitties game, to its perpetual market for leveraged trading up to 50x. Alongside, OKX has also introduced new margin trading and savings features for FLOW, broadening its investment offerings.

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Cardano to develop its partner chain on Polkadot’s Substrate

IOG is partnering with Substrate to bring new projects to Cardano, offering tools for developers to build independent blockchains. This collaboration is driving optimism in Cardano’s ecosystem, reflected by a 4.82% rise in its token ADA’s value. The move is celebrated by the Polkadot community, anticipating stronger ties between the networks.

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