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Unveiling the Digital Gold Rush: A Curated List of Must-See Crypto Movies and Documentaries

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For those intrigued by this digital gold rush, the world of cinema offers a fascinating gateway. 

Movies and documentaries provide a captivating blend of storytelling and education, making them an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive into the complex world of crypto. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the must-watch films that will take you on a journey through the enigmatic and exciting realm of cryptocurrencies.

Some Must-Watch Crypto Documentaries

Banking on Bitcoin (2016): This film is a beacon for Bitcoin enthusiasts. It explores the technology’s impact on our lives and the brewing battle between decentralized money and traditional banks. 

With its rallying cry “In open-source we trust,” it’s a must-watch for anyone curious about the future of finance​​.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014): This documentary is a personal journey of a programmer, Daniel Mross, who becomes enamored with Bitcoin. 

It’s a story that brings to life his quest to explain Bitcoin’s significance, featuring influential figures like Vitalik Buterin and Julian Assange​​.

Cryptopia (2020): If you’re looking to broaden your crypto knowledge beyond Bitcoin, “Cryptopia” is your go-to film. 

It delves into newer technologies such as DeFi and web3, making it a comprehensive guide for crypto enthusiasts​​.

Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble (2018): For those short on time, this 35-minute documentary is a succinct yet thorough introduction to Bitcoin. 

It presents an optimistic view of the cryptocurrency’s future and its potential to revolutionize financial privacy​​.

Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery (2021): This gripping documentary follows the mysterious death of Gerald Cotten, founder of QuadrigaCX. 

It’s a blend of personal intrigue and professional drama, perfect for those who love a good mystery​​.

Captivating Crypto Movies

Crypto (2019): As one of the first major studio films featuring cryptocurrency, “Crypto” is a thrilling crime story. 

It portrays the use of cryptocurrencies in financial fraud, adding an action-packed layer to the narrative​​.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018): This film offers an unbiased view of Bitcoin’s history, discussing the implications of decentralized money. 

It’s a critical and enlightening piece, showcasing the potential of technologies like Ethereum​​.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017): This documentary focuses on Bitcoin’s rise and its impact on the financial sector. 

It’s an informative watch for those interested in the intersection of technology and economics​​.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King (2022): A Netflix exclusive, this documentary explores the mysterious circumstances around Gerry Cotten’s death. 

It’s a compelling narrative that combines investigative journalism with the intrigue of a crime thriller​​.

Deep Web (2015): Focusing on the Silk Road, an internet black market, this film discusses the role of Bitcoin in anonymous transactions. 

It’s a fascinating look into the darker side of the internet and the digital currencies that power it​​.

Where to Watch These Films

These documentaries and movies are available on various streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Apple TV. 

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, or stream, these films are readily accessible for your viewing pleasure.


The world of cryptocurrencies is as thrilling as it is complex. These films and documentaries offer a unique lens to understand this digital revolution. 

They not only educate but also entertain, providing a holistic view of the crypto universe. From the rise of Bitcoin to the mysteries surrounding crypto exchanges, these films have it all.

Have you watched any of these crypto films? What are your thoughts? 

Are there any other crypto-related movies or documentaries that you think should be on this list? Share your views and suggestions in the comments below. 

Let’s dive into the intriguing world of cryptocurrencies together!

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