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What is WorldCoin? All You Need To Know About The Crypto Project Launched By OpenAI’s Sam Altman

What is WorldCoin? All You Need To Know About The Crypto Project Launched By OpenAI’s Sam Altman

Worldcoin, the ambitious cryptocurrency and digital ID project spearheaded by OpenAI chief Sam Altman, launched on Monday after years in development, promising to verify users’ identity by scanning their eyes and potentially solving one of the more pressing problems posed by recent advances in artificial intelligence that have made it harder to tell whether something was made by humans or an algorithm.

For those wondering about its legitimacy, Worldcoin aims to establish itself as a legitimate player in the crypto space, offering a unique approach to identity verification. The Worldcoin price is anticipated to gain attention from investors and crypto enthusiasts alike as the project gains momentum and garners interest from the community.

Sam Altman, renowned as the CEO of OpenAI, has played a pivotal role in leading the Worldcoin initiative. With his expertise and influence, Worldcoin is set to attract attention from various sectors, possibly impacting the future of digital identity and cryptocurrencies.

As a cryptocurrency, Worldcoin joins the dynamic realm of crypto projects, bringing innovation through its emphasis on digital ID verification. The Worldcoin crypto is expected to capture the interest of traders and investors, creating potential opportunities in the ever-evolving crypto market.


Key Facts & Features

  • At the core of the Worldcoin project lies an innovative eye-scanning “orb,” designed for in-person use, which grants users a unique digital identity, ensuring they are genuine humans and not bots.
  • Additionally, the project features a cryptocurrency, aptly named Worldcoin, which becomes accessible to users upon successful identity verification. With this digital currency, users can engage in various transactions, including payments, purchases, and asset transfers. The Worldcoin app plays a crucial role in facilitating these activities and managing other digital assets.
  • Having garnered over 2 million users during its beta phase, Worldcoin now plans to expand its eye-scanning operations to 35 cities across 20 countries, signalling its commitment to broader adoption.
  • Furthermore, the Worldcoin cryptocurrency token has been distributed to eligible participants in the beta program and is now tradable. Major exchanges, including the prominent Binance, have listed the token or expressed their intention to do so, boosting its liquidity and accessibility.
  • Co-founded by Alex Blania and Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to tackle the challenge of verifying real human identities in an era dominated by AI. Blania emphasises that the necessity of proving one’s authenticity is no longer a subject of debate, and Worldcoin aspires to address this issue by building a privacy-first, decentralised, and highly inclusive solution.
  • With its eye-scanning technology, user-friendly app, and tradable cryptocurrency token, Worldcoin sets out to establish itself as a legitimate and reliable player in the crypto industry. As the project gains traction, its mission to provide a trustworthy digital identity verification system gains momentum, potentially reshaping the way individuals interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

What To Look Out For

Since its informal inception several years ago, the Worldcoin project, spearheaded by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has faced criticism on multiple fronts. A primary concern revolves around the use of biometric data, specifically eye scans, to verify users’ identities, with significant worries over the privacy risks associated with collecting, storing, and utilising such sensitive information. Some critics question the legitimacy of Worldcoin and view the project’s practice of incentivizing early user sign-ups with cryptocurrency as an unconventional bribe, raising further doubts about its credibility.

Moreover, the fundamental premise of using Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency, to identify individuals in a highly personal and precise manner clashes with the core principle of blockchain technology—the underlying foundation of cryptocurrencies and distributed networks—which is intended to safeguard user anonymity.


In terms of future developments, Sam Altman, the driving force behind Worldcoin, envisions signing up an astonishing 2 billion users now that the platform has been officially launched. However, scaling may pose challenges, especially considering the requirement for in-person appointments. Worldcoin is actively expanding its network of orb operators in additional locations, with 2,000 orbs already manufactured.

Addressing the project’s significance, Altman believes that Worldcoin holds particular importance in the AI era, where distinguishing between human and machine-generated content is becoming increasingly difficult. He acknowledges that undertaking such an ambitious project may have uncertain outcomes, but he emphasises that progress stems from daring ventures. Altman welcomes criticism from sceptics, as it fuels the project’s drive and determination to succeed.


What is WorldCoin? All You Need To Know About The Crypto Project Launched By OpenAI’s Sam Altman

What is Worldcoin?