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The Expansion of Worldcoin: What 35 Cities in 20 Countries Can Expect


Since its inception, Worldcoin has been generating significant buzz in both the crypto and tech communities. Spearheaded by OpenAI chief, Sam Altman, the ambitious cryptocurrency and digital ID project has taken a unique approach to verifying users’ identities, intertwining biometrics and blockchain in a manner previously unseen. Now, as Worldcoin gears up for a significant expansion, spanning 35 cities across 20 countries, stakeholders and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its next move. In this article, we unpack the implications of Worldcoin’s strategic rollout, delve into its successful beta phase, and ponder the future of global adoption.

A Recap: Worldcoin’s Beta Triumph

Before we venture into the expansion phase, it’s crucial to acknowledge Worldcoin’s achievements during its beta period. Garnering more than 2 million users, this beta stage provided invaluable insights into user behaviour, technological resilience, and the real-world applicability of the platform. Furthermore, with Worldcoin tokens being issued to eligible beta participants, the integration of cryptocurrency into the user experience was tested – a glimpse into the larger world of decentralised finance (DeFi).

The Rollout: Unpacking the Strategy

Choosing 35 cities across 20 countries is no random act; it’s a clear strategic move. Let’s explore the possible rationale:

  • Diverse Demographics: By targeting a wide range of cities, Worldcoin ensures its system is robust and versatile, capable of catering to diverse demographics, cultures, and technological infrastructures.
  • Regulatory Landscapes: Different countries have distinct stances on cryptocurrency. By spanning 20 countries, Worldcoin can navigate various regulatory environments, setting a precedent for future expansions.
  • Urban Centers as Launchpads: Focusing on cities, particularly major urban centers, allows Worldcoin to tap into hubs of innovation, finance, and technology, ensuring a higher adoption rate.

What Can Cities Expect?

  • Infrastructure Development: Worldcoin’s unique offering requires specialized infrastructure, primarily the eye-scanning “orb.” Cities can expect the deployment of these devices in accessible locations, making the sign-up process seamless.
  • Educational Campaigns: To foster trust and ensure smooth adoption, Worldcoin might initiate educational and awareness campaigns, demystifying the technology and its benefits.
  • Economic Opportunities: With the Worldcoin cryptocurrency being tradable, its introduction can spur economic activities. Local businesses, traders, and even everyday consumers could benefit from a new, decentralised mode of transaction.
  • Feedback Channels: Given that this is an expansion phase, Worldcoin will likely establish feedback mechanisms, allowing users to voice concerns, provide suggestions, and aid in refining the system.

The Road to Global Adoption

Worldcoin’s expansion is not just about numbers; it’s a statement of intent. By ambitiously targeting 35 cities across multiple continents, Worldcoin is signalling its commitment to creating a universal, inclusive crypto ecosystem. But what does this mean for global adoption?

  • Setting a Global Standard: If successful, Worldcoin could set the gold standard for how cryptocurrencies integrate biometrics, paving the way for future projects.
  • Driving Crypto Acceptance: By tying digital assets to human identity, Worldcoin could play a pivotal role in demystifying cryptocurrency, fostering wider acceptance among the masses.
  • Challenging Regulatory Norms: As Worldcoin manoeuvres through different regulatory environments, it might prompt nations to revisit and refine their stances on crypto, leading to more harmonised global regulations.


The expansion of Worldcoin is more than a growth strategy; it’s a testament to the project’s vision of intertwining human identity with digital assets. As 35 cities across 20 countries stand on the cusp of this technological revolution, the world watches with keen interest. The coming months will not only determine Worldcoin’s trajectory but might also shape the future discourse on cryptocurrency’s role in our global society.

The Expansion of Worldcoin: What 35 Cities in 20 Countries Can Expect

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